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Universities in Europe For a Bright Future

Universities in Europe For a Bright Future: From pre-independence times till today, universities in Europe remain a favorite among Indian students who study abroad. In Europe, there are generally four types of higher education institutions. These are:

  • Public Universities – offer a wide range of courses and specializations in Medicine, Law, Business, etc.
  • Applied Sciences Universities (Public and Private) – these institutions mainly offer industry-oriented courses as compared to traditional universities.
  • Colleges for Teacher Education.
  • Academies and Colleges that focus on specializations only.

Public Universities in Europe are appropriate for students planning to pursue under graduation or post-graduation. These universities in Europe are mainly research-driven, a style that also extends to their teaching approach. Studying at a public university in Europe can be considered to be cost-effective.

Universities in Europe For a Bright Future

Universities that offer Applied Sciences are focused on practical knowledge or industry-oriented courses. The purpose of these universities is to prepare students for professional jobs.

Private Universities in Europe

There are fewer private universities than public universities in Europe. The numbers vary across Europe. For example, there are no private universities in Greece or Finland. But there are over 70 in other European countries such as Turkey and Germany.

Generally, a private higher education institution charges more tuition fee than a public university  Europe. However, on the brighter side, private universities offer industry-ready course specializations. Meaning, many of its courses focus on enhancing skill sets, such as business or finance. Academies and colleges that focus on specializations, get you ready in a single field or a set of related fields, such as medical schools and centers, schools of engineering, school of business and management, etc.

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