Good Education
Counseling Is
The Foundation Of
A Better Future

Set A Goal. Then Set A Deadline To Achieve It.

All of us are scared of what the future holds. But isn’t it during the fear of failure that the ultimate opportunities are born? The best way to overcome these fears is to speak them aloud to someone you trust. Or someone with the expertise to help.

So when you come to us and say, “I want to study abroad, but…”, we will make all the “buts” and “ifs” removed from the above statement before you go back home. We will make sure that if you want to study abroad – come next intakes,and you do get admitted to your choice of foreign university.

How do we make it possible?

  •   One-to-one overseas education consultancy
  •   Give you exposure to foreign study destinations by inviting you to meet our most equipped education consultants
  •   Offer end-to-end guidance; from the course and university selection to completing the visa process
  •   Not leaving your side until you complete your higher education abroad

After all, once a part of UniXperts family, you’ll always be a part of UniXperts family.

Study Abroad Counseling Process

We meet you, speak to you about your overseas study aspirations, education background, lifestyle choices, and where you see yourself in the next ten years. Based on your answers, we design a foreign study pathway that promises a successful career. Here’s how it works:

Step 1You Talk, We Listen

Tell us about your career goals, educational background, skillsets, and preferred foreign study destination. We will then come back to you with a list of courses, colleges/universities, and foreign study destinations that match your areas of interest.

Step 2Together We Work Out the Details

Once we’re on the same plane about the choice of course and possible foreign study destinations, we go in-depth to figure out their entry requirement so that your study abroad application rightly meets the university’s expectations. We also figure the available scholarships and possible financial aid for your smooth transition.

Step 3A Win-Win Application Submission

Our Xpert study abroad consultants carefully read through your academic history, personal interests, extracurriculars, awards, and achievements and accordingly help you frame a sharp-looking statement of purpose. All necessary bits highlighted and irrelevant information edited.

Step 4Meeting All Visa Requirement

Our in-house Visa documentation team works day and night with all Indian students who wish to study abroad to attain a successful foreign study visa. Now pursue your overseas education without any x, y, zee worries.

Plan An Accomplished Future With The Xperts

All of this kickstarts with a conversation! So think no more, sign up to meet one of our Xpert overseas education consultants, and it won’t be long before your dream university abroad becomes your reality!