Study Overseas in The USA


Find yourself in the United States of America! A preferred study abroad destination for Indian students to pursue their higher education abroad. This charming country will inspire and empower you to live your best life. (Study In USA)

Home to the world’s top-ranking universities, the USA attracts thousands of students every year from across the globe. The country holds a variety of wonders for those curious enough to explore!

World’s second-largest democracy, there’s no scarcity of opportunities in the USA. Its public and private institutions come with their unique advantages and a wide variety of courses and programs. Each institution here offers world-class facilities, expert faculty and top-ranking instruction resources. What’s more? The F1 student visa holders are allowed to explore post-study work opportunities in the USA.

New York, California, and Texas are the top-ranking states where you can find most of the immigrant population, especially the Indian students who study abroad.

Advantages of Studying in USA

Hosts the largest number of international students every year.

Offers quality education, unique curriculum and multicultural environment.

American institutions are known to have high academic standards.

Abundant post study work opportunities for Indian students in the USA.

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01Academic Excellence

33 out of the 100 top universities in the world are from the USA (QS World Ranking 2019). Times Higher Education Ranking has listed seven American Universities in its list of top 10 universities.

02 Flexible Education System

American colleges and universities offer students the freedom to select their course content, as well study structure. Meaning, you can pursue different courses at the undergraduate level before declaring your major by the end of the second year. Same goes for graduate programs as well.

03Excellent Support System for International Students

American Universities understand the concerns of International Students and therefore conduct regular orientation programs, workshops, and training to offer assistance. The International Student office located within universities helps students get accustomed to a new kind of lifestyle.

04Cultural Diversity

The USA is a melting pot of different cultures, race, and ethnicities. To grow in the midst of such diversity can help international students with strong interpersonal skills and personality traits that are valuable in the corporate world.

05Vibrant Campus Life

The campus life of the USA colleges is matchless. Irrespective of the university you study in, you will find yourself in the midst of new cultural experiences and the American way of living.

Popular Courses to Study in the USA

Actuarial Science
Business & Management
Computer Science
Sports Management

Scholarships Offered to Indian Students in the USA

Scholarships for the USA are generally granted on the basis of the previous academic scores and language proficiency test scores of the applicant. Types of scholarships could be public, private or research grants. These are given against the tuition fee, living expenses, books etc. An Indian student who wishes to study in the USA may also be eligible to apply for scholarships based on extracurricular activities. Make sure to start the process a minimum of 8-12 months before the start-date of your course in the USA.

  1. Fullbright – Nehru Fellowships (Government-Funded) – The scholarship is for students pursuing Masters or PH.D. Programs. Covers University tuition fees, living expenses and all the medical expenses. This is only for J-1 visa applicants.
  1. Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program (Government-Funded) – This is a part of the Fulbright program and aims to bring accomplished young and mid-career professionals from developing countries to study in the USA for a 10 months non-degree graduate study and practical experience program. It covers tuition fee, monthly maintenance allowance, living expenses, airfare and other professional expenses.
  1. You Are Welcome Here Scholarship (Non-Government) – It’s a scholarship and a social media campaign designed to welcome international students in the USA for higher education, irrespective of their area of subject.
  1. IEFA (Non-Government) – A summer program sponsored by Abbey Road Inc. which grants scholarships to 14-18 aged high school students who’ve shown exemplary performance in academics and extracurricular activities.
  1. AAUW International Fellowships (Non-Government) – Fellowships awarded to international women students for full-time study and research in the USA. It supports both graduate and post-graduate students accredited in the USA institutions.

Entry Criteria to Study in the USA

Universities in the USA place great significance on diversity. The classrooms consist of students from different age groups, religion and ethnicity. With an average student: teacher ratio of 20:1, the basis of American teaching is Interactive and practical learning. 

  • Most of the American colleges / universities offer Aug / Sept (fall) intakes and Jan / Feb (spring) intakes.
  • Few colleges / universities also offer May / Jun (summer) intakes.
  • The USA Educational Institutions require English Proficiency Test results to determine English Proficiency of International Students. The standardised English language tests are TOEFL and IELTS.
  • Many institutions in the USA offer a pre-arrival support guide, including details of accommodation options, medical insurance available, strategies to budget living and other necessary details.

Expenditure Guide to Study in the USA

Indicative study costs for the USA programs

Institution/Degree *Annual Fee (USD) (Indicative only)
Business Management 14,000 – 45,000
Engineering 15,000 – 58,000
Maths and Computer Sciences 18000 – 47000
Social Science 18000 – 47000
Physical and Life Sciences 14000 – 55000

*All costs are indicative only. The total expenditure can be obtained from the University Website, or by speaking to the xpert study abroad consultant at UniXperts.

Post-Study Work Rights in the USA

F-1 visa holders can apply for optional practical training (OPT) on the completion of their studies. It’s an extension on the student visa allowing eligible international students to work in the USA for 1 year and STEM graduates for 2 years. This extension is a great opportunity for international students to explore the International job markets.


F-1 Optional Practical Training

The vast majority of international students in the United States have an F-1 student visa. The F-1 entitles you to apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT) at the end of your studies. The visa allows you to stay in the USA for another year and covert the theories you learned during your period of study into on-the-job training experience.

If you have a degree from the government’s designated list of STEM subjects you will probably be eligible to extend your OPT by another 17 months. Meaning, you can stay in the USA for up to 29 months after graduation. The extension is designed to give you time to gain a permanent job offer and sponsorship from a USA employer, which allows you to apply for the H1-B, a more long-term visa.

Things to Remember with F-1:

  • You must work in your field of study
  • Apply early – don’t wait for a job offer
  • You can apply 90 days before your program end date 
  • You must not apply later than 60 days after your program end date
  • STEM subject graduates can apply for a 17-month extension within the last 3 months your OPT

USA Study Visa Requirement

Here’s a list of documents required to apply for the USA Student Visa:

  • A valid passport for at least six months beyond your period of stay in the USA (unless exempt by country-specific agreements)
  • Acceptance at a SEVP approved school and form i-20
  • Application fee payment for the SEVIS
  • Non-immigrant visa application and the form DS-160 confirmation page
  • Your photograph and phone number in the requested format
  • Academic preparation documents such as transcripts, diplomas, degrees or certificates
  • Evidence of sufficient funds to maintain your living expenses throughout the period of your stay in the USA

*Note: These are the basic requirements. Speak to the xpert study abroad consultants at UniXperts to get detailed guidance on the quick and efficient ways to obtain your USA Student Visa.