Frequently Asked Questions

UniXperts Services

How beneficial is UniXpert’s Counselling?

Our Xpert and certified study abroad counselors professionally guide students to choose a course and country for higher education. They assist you by providing detailed knowledge, explaining all the available options to help you proceed in the right direction.

We tell you everything about the country, how to shortlist universities, the best course to pursue basis your previous qualifications, information about scholarships, guidance in writing the statement of purpose, information about English Language proficiency requirement, the entire cost of education and living, information about available intakes, financial-guidance, visa requirement, lodging visas, mock interviews, student health cover, pre-departure orientation – basically detailed assistance on your every step.

How can UniXperts help with my Application Processing?

Sending so many applications can sometimes become overwhelming. Our team of Xpert study abroad consultants do a lot of hand-holding till you understand the procedure well. We provide step-by-step guidance on the application processes. It includes complete guidance on documentation and providing updated information on the institutions represented by us.

Do you work across universities and destinations?

We currently have university/colleges/institutional partnerships in Australia, Canada, Ireland, the European Union, the UK, the USA and New Zealand. For a detailed list of universities, colleges and institutes we cater to, reach us at +91 80199 21999.

How does UniXperts know which study program is best for me?

Since we are constantly in touch with the universities we represent, we keep ourselves updated on the various courses and programs the university offers. Our Xpert consultants have attended various workshops and conferences, and are in touch with various prominent bodies of the Overseas Education industry such as Education, Trade, Employment Boards, Immigration etc. Hence, we can guide you more efficiently and effectively to help you make the right decision in choosing a course that matches your candidature.

What is pre-departure orientation?

After you’re granted the visa, we organize a pre-departure briefing session for all the successful students. It is an educational session about various characteristics of your study destination, visa conditions, life-style and other cultural information, etc. Think of this session as an opportunity to clarify any last-minute queries from students and parents, also get tips to make your studying abroad experience a truly rewarding one.

Application Process Guidance

What is the minimum IELTS score required to study abroad?

The standard score for IELTS is 6.5. However, no band less than 6.0 is eligible to study abroad. You can take PTE, TOFEL and GRE (based on the country and course you are choosing).

Moreover, there are many universities and countries which do consider your past performance of English Language by evaluating your English language marks and your medium of instruction. Speak to our Xpert study abroad consultants for a quick English language proficiency exam related guidance.

What are the must-have applicable documents for admissions abroad?

10th class marksheet, intermediate/diploma, UG all marks memos (CMM, OD, PC), CV, SOP, Passport, English language proficiency score and letter of recommendations. Some universities also ask for previous work experience (if you have).

In case you’ve recently passed-out and you do not have your final marks or in case your English proficiency test score is pending, you can still apply for a conditional offer.

In how many days we usually get to know if the application accepted or not?

The usual turnaround time (TAT) to get your offer would be 2 to 7 business days. However, at certain times it takes up to 10 to 15 business days. This TAT generally depends on the rush of the application to specific universities, application submission timelines, deadlines, the faculty to which a student is placing his or her application, etc. Gain information on this via our Application Process page.

Monetary Assistance

What is the fee structure and living cost at various universities abroad?

Different universities have different fee structures. We can only tell you the fee structure after understanding your area and country of interest. You can also check the tentative fee for popular courses on our destination’s page.

As a consultancy, do you also provide Scholarship Application Assistance?

Yes*. Our Xpert study abroad consultants help you figure suitable scholarships based on your candidature. Most universities offer some form of scholarship and each has its own eligibility criteria. We offer guidance by providing information and assistance to the applicants keen to apply for scholarships or other financial aid, that may be on offer to international students.

*UniXperts doesn’t provide any scholarships under its own brand. We only help find suitable scholarships on state and university level (if applicable).

What is the minimum annual income we need to show in bank accounts in order to study abroad?

The minimum amount is INR 6,00,000. But this is not applicable to all the countries. In some countries, the annual income can also be shown as the combined income of all acceptable sponsors.

Am I eligible to apply for funding to study abroad?

The basic norm at most international universities is to show a one-year tuition fee plus living expenditures. Well, there are options available to showcase your funds, like, education loans, savings, fixed deposits, etc.

To know more on how and where to apply for education load, please call us at +91 80199 21999. We will help you with the various methods of ensuring financial support.

After paying the university fees, what is the next process?

When you apply with UniXperts, we will send your payment copy, source of funding to the universities according to the country you apply to (as all countries do not have the same process). Once we get the clearance from the university, the university will send a confirmation mail/acceptance mail (varies from country and country). For Example – Australia will issue eCOE (e-confirmation of enrollment), Canada will issue LOA (Letter of Acceptance), UK Universities issue CAS (confirmation of acceptance of studies), likewise different countries follow different procedures.

Part-Time Jobs

As I move to the other country, can I work part-time there to manage my finances?

Yes, most Indian students work part-time to support their education and / or living expenses at the international destination. In general, International students are allowed to work part-time for 20 hours per week during their semester and full-time during semester breaks. It may vary and to know more check out our Destination Page

Insurance and Health Cover

What is a student health cover or Insurance or OSHC?

Student health cover/Insurance/OSHC is a mandatory aspect for studying abroad. Purchase the student health along with fee payment. You can also buy the OSHC while applying for a visa. In general, the cost would vary based on the country you are going to ad length of your stay. A student cannot apply for a visa without purchasing health cover.

I heard about medical examination, can you please elaborate on this?

Yes. A medical examination will be performed in India and is mandatory to apply for a student visa. Get your medical test done from the center suggested by the High Commission / immigration bodies of your study destinations. The cost of this medical examination varies from country to country.

Visa Application

What is a visa fee, please explain?

Again, the visa application fee varies from country to country. Your visa fee will not get refunded in case your visa gets rejected or you withdraw the application.

Visa fee is paid to the respective High Commissions / Immigration Departments to process your visa application.

When is the right time to initiate my student visa application?

Depending on the country of application, the visa application lodgment time will be different. It may be from a month to 8 weeks before the commencement of your course. You need to follow the deadlines of visa application lodgment date as and when the respective countries mention the intake.

Some countries like the UK have priority processing of visa applications. Our Xpert consultants will help in this regard.

If my visa gets rejected, will my tuition fee get refunded?

Yes, you will get the tuition fee refund in case your visa gets rejected. A small administration fee may be deducted by the universities/institutions, which is generally referred to as a non-refundable fee amount. Go through the offer acceptance process and refund policies of the university very carefully to understand the refund process.

In case of a visa application withdrawal by your end, if the reason is genuine and satisfying enough for a university, they will issue the refund.

Accommodation and Airport Pick-up:

Do universities provide accommodation and pick-up facility from the airport?

Well, there are many ways for international students to find accommodation on a rent basis. You can block your options from India for 2 to 6 months as per your requirement. UniXperts will organize a pre-departure session where we engage students who got visas or about to get visas. Attend these sessions to interact with fellow aspirants and you can even live together once you reach your destination. You can request the university to pick you up. Sometimes, the accommodation vendors also provide a pickup facility.