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Work while study in Australia


Studying abroad means investing lots of time, energy and money into it and for many of us it’s once in life time process. So it is very important to know what work opportunities are available for the international students in Australia while they are on student visa. Work while studying is always beneficial in many ways and all the international student who are in visa subclass 500 are allowed to work 40 hours fort night on part-time basis and full-time during vacation or summer break. This limitation is ensuring that student can concentrate more on their studies with little support of work and during break they can enjoy the rights maximum.

Why it is important to undertake part-time jobs or what are advantages, here you go….

  1. Firstly, part-time jobs for international students will definitely help with their living expenses.
  2. While doing part-time jobs where there is interaction with different people, you will improve your English skills in better way and also understand the different culture that the people follow there.
  3. It definitely broadens your study experience and learns many skills which may or may not be related to your field but that will give confidence to be independent, to be responsible for your own studies and wellbeing will be life-long.
  4. Part-time jobs help to develop other skills such as team work, problem solving, communication, time management, discipline etc. which are very important in long run.

Industries which provide you part-time employment opportunities are many in Australia for International students. Let’s understand about these options as well

  1. Retail Industry: Jobs such as retail shop assistants, Sales Assistants, Customer service etc.
  2. Hospitality Industry: There are huge opportunities in Hospitality industry ranging from restaurants, bars, Hotels to multinational hotels and entertainment venues likes theaters and stadiums
  3. Agriculture: Here also many good opportunities are available such as Farm Assistant, Weed Crew Coordinator etc.
  4. Sales & Marketing: Marketing is the major job sector in Australia and very much in demand
  5. Administration: Wide range of part-time jobs are available in the field of Administration such as Front office/Reception, Admin Assistant, Office Admin, Client services and Clerical roles

Now there may be a question that – Where can I find these jobs or how do I apply? So here you go…. Below are mentioned are few sources for you to apply for Part time jobs

  • Online Portal: There are sites like and which publishes lots of job openings on daily basis
  • Local News Papers: Every day there will be many advertisements posted in Local newspapers for Part-time basis.
  • References: This will be very easy option where you can check with your mates, student unions, lecturers, Co-Students etc.


So, it is not difficult to find part-time jobs in Australia while you are on student visa. You need good communication skills and basic requirement for which ever job you are applying. And you need to prepare a good CV which will be first impression to talk about you for the employer.

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