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Top Locations to study in Ireland

Top Locations to study in Ireland: Ireland is an ideal destination for international students interested in stunning scenery, beautiful coastal and mountain walks, ancient culture and architecture. It’s a perfect destination for International Students who wants a world-class education and especially a world-class education in a progressive, innovative with promising career options.

Ireland’s education system is counted among the top 10 systems in the world. The education here meets all the needs of the world’s competitive economy. Here, Data Engineering, Data Analytics, Life-Sciences, Med-Tech, Analytics, Digital Marketing, ICT, Pharma and health-care courses are considered world class courses.

Ireland is currently the headquarters of 500 Fortune 500 companies. Many Fortune companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple and Johnson Controls are headquartered here. International students to study here would have the advantage of higher employment opportunities.

Here is the list of best cities in Ireland for international students:

1. Dublin

Dublin ranked in the first position out of all the cities in Europe in the study and 13th in the overall worldwide rankings. Dublin city is home to tons of wonderful museums and galleries – many of which are free to visit. Then there’s a vibrant nightlife, which student hotspots, nights and events contribute to hugely. Some colleges and universities even have their own cafés, restaurants and canteens.

Education Institution’s in Dublin provide a comprehensive orientation program, organize activities outside of the classroom, offer travel advice, support your health and wellbeing, and also provide guidance on other opportunities and services in Dublin.

Dublin’s larger institutions are also home to a wide variety of sports teams and clubs where International students can get together with other people who share their interests. Some even have societies run by and for International students from various countries.

2. Limerick

Limerick, the capital of the Mid-West, is rapidly becoming one of Ireland’s most attractive destinations for International Students, employers and professionals. The city and county promise a better quality of life, more affordable accommodation, and plenty of career opportunities.

Limerick is home to three major higher education institutes with a student population of more than 21,000 and is a vibrant, buzzing city with so much to see, do and explore! Limerick is home to one of Ireland’s best known live music venues, Dolan’s, with traditional music and a variety of gigs taking place every night of the week.

Limerick is internationally renowned as an engineering, technology and MedTech city. It is home to some of the world’s largest multinationals and Ireland’s fastest-growing companies, including Cook Medical, Regeneron, Viagogo and Adare Manor. International students to study here would have the advantage of higher employment opportunities.

3. Cork

Cork is Ireland’s second largest city, its set to become the country’s fastest-growing region for the next twenty years. Historically a hub for heavy industry and international trade, Cork is now a globally renowned centre for tech and Pharma.

Cork City is known to the locals as the true capital of Ireland & Cork’s food scene is fabulous. Friendly and cosmopolitan, Cork has a vibrant student population of around 36,000. Of these, approximately 10% are International students visiting from over 100 countries around the world and is home to fantastic galleries, thought-provoking museums and the best restaurant scene in Ireland. Top Locations to study in Ireland

For the international students who choose their study destination as Cork City is a right choose and they will have the advantage of having enormous career options, as Cork city is home for plenty of jobs at some of the world’s biggest companies, to get in to detailed information; major companies like Apple, Dell, Pfizer and Amazon all have major presences in and around the city. There are plenty of Cork-grown success stories too, including Musgraves, Voxpro, Abtran, and Laya Healthcare.

4. Galway

Galway is a county in the West of Ireland located in the Connacht region; it has the second largest lake in Ireland in Lough Corrib and has the shortest river in Ireland. The city of Galway is today a vibrant bustling urban settlement with a history going back to the 13th century and the remnants to show for it.

Galway is an exciting place an International student. It is big enough to have everything – shopping facilities, theatres, restaurants, music venues, and sports facilities – while small enough to feel intimate and welcoming. Set between Connemara and the Burren, on the broad sweep of Galway Bay, our location is as distinctive as it is beautiful.

Education Institutions in Galway provide hugely popular Study Abroad programme, which offers International students a wide-range of career opportunities.

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Top Locations to study in Ireland


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