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How To Prepare A Successful Study Abroad Application

Preparing a successful study abroad application means successfully getting the end product, i.e., an offer letter from the expected study abroad institution.
For this, you need to know the requirement of a particular course and university. In general, all countries require you to submit the basic documents. Prepare a Study Abroad Application

These are:

  1. Academics – SSC, Intermediate, Bachelors/Diploma (all mark memos and final degree certificate)
  2. Passport Copy
  3. English proficiency score report (IELTS or TOFEL or PTE & GRE) the mentioned English proficiency tests will vary according to the country you would like to apply.
  4. Work Experience, only if applicable
  5. Statement of Purpose
  6. CV
  7. Letter of recommendation
  8. Portfolio – if required

The above-mentioned covers the majority of documents required to submit during the application stage. Further to this, our Xpert study abroad counselor can assist and educate you on the other required documentation.

Note – An important point is that you should only apply for admission in a course that is either related to your previous education or previous work experience. There should be a match and related subject base while applying, as the admissions team at the university will check your academic background. So it should be convincing for the team to issue an offer letter. You can speak to our Xpert study abroad counselor and get appropriate information while applying, or else it could lead to offer rejection. Prepare a Study Abroad Application

Stages of application –

Stage 1 – Select the university and course, according to your academic background and English score. Your work experience plays an equally major role.

Stage 2 – Submit the required documents to Unixperts’ study abroad counselor.

Stage 3 – Fill the application form and declaration form.

Stage 4 – Unixperts’ study abroad counselor will send the required documents to the chosen international university. (If there is an application fee then the student needs to pay it to the university). In general, application fees could be around 50$, 75$, 100$, 125$, varying with respect to the country.

Stage 5 – The admissions team at the international university will initially check on all the documents and will assess the application thoroughly.

Stage 6 – The admissions team will send it to the faculty for further assessment (this is applicable only in a few cases), here the faculty will assess and share the outcome.

Stage 7 – Once the assessment is completed, the admissions team will issue an unconditional offer letter, shared via email with both the student and Unixperts’ study abroad counselor. If any documents are pending, then the admissions team will issue a conditional offer letter.

Note – The turnaround time (TAT) to get an offer letter after submitting the application would be around 6 – 10 business days. In a few cases, it might take a little longer.

A successful application can be made by submitting all the above documents with your UniXperts counselor’s guidance. This will help you have the end product, i.e., receiving the offer letter from the respected educational institution.

Concept of conditional & Unconditional offer letter:

A conditional offer applies if any of the documents are pending/any other information is pending. The university then issues a conditional offer letter. On submitting pending documents, the university grants an unconditional offer, which means you can proceed further to fee payment and as well visa process.

Note – If you have all the documents ready while applying for admission then you would straight away receive an unconditional offer, a conditional offer is issued only in a scenario of pending documentation.

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