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How to overcome challenges faced by international students aiming to study in the US

There are many challenges that international students face when trying to study in the United States. Some of these challenges include language barriers, cultural differences, and the high cost of tuition. However, there are ways to overcome these and achieve your aim of studying abroad in the country of your choice. Here are few ways to overcome challenges to be able to successfully complete higher studies in the US

  1. Language barriers: Since English is not the first language for many international students, they may face difficulties in achieving high scores in English proficiency tests. Better preparedness by identifying your problem areas and taking professional help can break this barrier. Possibly take mock tests to know your strength and weakness and work upon those accordingly.
  2. Course selection: Students often end up taking a course which are either out of their interest areas or are not promising to match career aspirations. Therefor one must choose the right course that aligns with your previous education, future career aspirations, and current industry trends.
  3. University selection: It is really exacting to find place of study that has high repute, good ranking internship support and is affordable. Selecting the appropriate university based on course interest, university rankings, fee structure, scholarship opportunities, and internship opportunities is essential. So, research well about the courses, university, track records, networking opportunities and most importantly explore funding options or scholarship opportunities.
  4. Location: Choosing the university's location as per the suitable climatic conditions is also important. Check location proximity from other places and aptness of climate as per your preference.
  5. Documentation: Preparing the documentation, such as recommendation letters, statement of purpose, resume, and financial documents, can be a time-consuming and challenging task. The LOR(s) should have appropriate and correct details about the recommenders so that it can be easily validated in case any verification is required by the targeted University at any stage. SOP is an important instrument to break into any University therefor a strong SOP is a must and that has to be checked against any plagiarism.
  6. Application process: Selecting and submitting the appropriate university application within the deadline and ensuring that all the required documents are submitted on time can be a daunting task. Keep a track of all important dates, create a roadmap of your application process and meeting the deadlines can make it for you.
  7. Financial constraints: A lot of time international students face affordability issues both for studying and sustaining abroad. Know the details about tuition fees, living expenses, and other related costs that you will incur during your stay abroad. Arrange and submit appropriate financial documents like bank covering letter, proof of savings, sponsors’ letter (if any)
  8. Visa and immigration issues: Visa rejection can be both disheartening and demotivating when you think you are almost there. The visa process can be complicated, and students may face challenges obtaining the necessary documents and meeting the requirement. The best way to prepare for Visa interview is asking questions to self like – Do I know my university well? Why have I chosen a particular field of study or course? Where do I see myself after the course.
  9. Cultural adaptation: International students may experience culture shock when they arrive in the US, including differences in language, customs, and social norms. In this case ‘Agility’ is the key.

It’s essential to note that these challenges are not universal and may vary depending on the individual circumstances and experiences of each international student.


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