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Which Courses to Study in Australia for Better Employment Opportunities

Pursue a popular course from Australia for a high-paying job. Want to know more? Here’s a list of popular courses to study in Australia for you! 

Senior Information Technology Project Manager : The courses related to Information Technology, Networking, and Project Management will allow you to get excellent employment opportunities as an IT Manager or Project Manager. This high-paying job requires managing maintenance of computer systems and managing people in their team. You will roughly earn about AUD 143,000 per annum.

Python Developer: This refers to the computer programming language to work in the IT Space – Designing, Coding, and Debugging projects in Computers, Websites, Data Analytics, etc. Courses like Information Technology allow ample opportunities in this field. On average, you may earn up to AUD 120,000 per annum.

Senior Lawyer: Another high skilled profession to study in Australia is Law. If you pursue courses like Bachelor of Law or Juris Doctor (3-4 years) and a year of practical legal training, you will get several opportunities to work with high profiled organizations or law firms. On average international students who study law in Australia can earn up to AUD 125,000 per annum.

Wellbeing Manager: Rather than only depending on the Human Resource department, now many companies are looking for Wellbeing Managers who are responsible for developing, delivering, and reporting on wellbeing strategies in the workplace. Studying the courses like Human Resource Management or Business related courses with specialization in HR, you can find ample employment opportunities. On average, the profession pays up to AUD 123,500 per annum.

System Architect: Today’s world is almost dependent on Technology; you have many employment opportunities in this field. By graduating in courses like Information Technology, Advance Networking, Software Engineering, Computer Science, etc., you will find great employment opportunities. System Architect needs to know the computer system and its networking inside-out. System Architects play a crucial role in helping set up the backend of every business and are paid nothing less than AUD 120,500 per annum.

Mining Engineer: Mining is a large sector in Australia. No wonder, there’s a huge demand for mining engineers. They play a crucial role in planning, evaluating, and monitoring the mining process. From planning to implementation each phase plays a major role. Studying courses like Engineering with Mining or Geotechnical Engineering as specializations will have wonderful career opportunities. On average, you may earn up to AUD 120,000 per annum.

Cyber Security Engineer: Each of us is spending a lot of time in our daily routine on smartphones, laptops, tablets with internet access. So many businesses or for that matter even individuals need protection for their data. That’s why Cyber Security Engineers are always in great demand. Studying courses like Cyber Security, Information Technology, and Computer Science will open doors to becoming a Cyber Security Engineer. On average, you shall earn nothing less than AUD 100,000 per annum.

Data Scientist: They analyze aspects of Business using analytics, statistics, computer science modeling, etc. This data is used for business enhancement, understanding your customers, or increasing profits. If you are pursuing any courses related to Information Technology, Mathematics, or Data Science, you can work as a Data Scientist earn up to AUD 95,000 per annum on average. 

Commercial Pilot: A promising career, obtain a Diploma in Aviation (Commercial Pilot License) from certified institutes or training schools you will be employed as Commercial Pilot. On average, commercial pilots earn up to AUD 93,000 per annum.

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