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Top Cities for International Students to Study in Australia

If you are looking to study in Australia, we think it’s the perfect decision to take. Seven Australian cities are ranked among the 75 best cities worldwide for international students to study abroad. This indeed makes Australia an attractive destination for the international students’ community. 

The mentioned Australian cities offer a great student mix, higher employment rate, and are affordable for Indian students looking to study abroad. Here’s a brief on each one of the seven Australian cities:

Melbourne is at second place as per the best international student-friendly city rankings. Culturally, the city has a lot to offer, like music, comedy & sports. It has seven best universities, featured more than once in the international rankings, and the best student mix with beautiful beaches and a high standard of living.

Sydney is the fourth-best as per the international student-friendly city index. It offers a high quality of life coupled with its paradisiacal mix of beaches and green spaces. This city is home to Australia’s most respected universities, two of them ranked among the top 50 in QS World University Rankings. Sydney receives a high score for employer activity.

Canberra is Australia’s Capital. The city recently climbed four places and is now the seventeenth best international student-friendly city. The city hands-down meets all the requirements of international students. It has plenty of attractions, including the manmade lake in the center of the city and numerous nature reserves all around.

Brisbane moves up five places and is now at par with Auckland as the eighteenth best city for international students from across the world. Brisbane is home to three major universities. This city is also a tourist destination with the largest economy between Sydney and Singapore. Brisbane also offers an ideal mix for students to create a balance between urban and outdoor lifestyles. Stunning beaches, a sunny climate, and sporting culture.

Adelaide is Australia’s fifth-largest city and ranks 26th as per the international student-friendly city index. It is known for its attractive wide boulevards, open spaces, parklands, and easily navigable city center. Three Universities based in Adelaide are featured in the QS World Rankings. 

Perth ranks 36th in the best student cities index. Another highly appealing place to live with a great international student mix. Offering all cultural, culinary, and recreational attractions. Three universities in Perth are featured in the QS world rankings.

Gold Coast ranks 69th in the international student-friendly cities index. It boasts 52 km of golden sands and 300 sunny days per year. And even has a suburb named Surfer’s Paradise. Indeed, surfers and general beach fans will feel right at home here. 

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