Student Journey

Step 1:  Registration and Counselling

On students first visit to UNIXPERTS for a personalized information session, an expert and qualified education counsellor is assigned, to guide the students on the education and admission process based on one’s requirements.Our Counselling Sessions are very detailing and put forward the student interests & career prospects first.


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Step 2:  Shortlisting

Our focus is student’s priority and preferences. Based on the academic records and other entry requisites, the counsellor assists the student in short listing institutions and courses eligible to apply for.We map the course requirements, financial capacity (scholarship requirements) career prospects and opportunities in Destination Country.

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Step 3:  Documents Preparation for Application

For applying to universities students has shortlisted,we list out the required documentation for respective university; will hand over the same to the students well in advance hence, they will be ready with every document and file the University Applications before deadlines. The list of documents required and other requisites can be obtained from the UNIXPERTS counsellor.

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Step 4:  Application Submission

Once a complete application along with required documents is submitted to your counsellor at UNIXPERTS, you can be assured of its submission within 24-48 hours. There are 2 major intakes each year one must start preparing to apply at least 6 months in advance to avoid unnecessary delays

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Step 5:  Application Assessment

Student applications are usually assessed based on following parameters:

Academic Excellence
English Language Ability

Application processing time varies from institution to institution and intake to intake. Normally ranges between 2-8 weeks upon submission of an application.

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 Step 6:  Offer of Admission

Student application once successful, will be reverted with either of the following:

Conditional Offer
Unconditional Offer

The counsellor at UNIXPERTS would guide the student on what should be done next from this stage. The student needs to work on their financial documents before accepting the offer.

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Step 7:  Offer Acceptance

Once the student has decided which offer to accept, the process henceforth is:

Paying a part of tuition fee (Usually outlined in the Offer Letter)
Accepting offer terms and conditions by signing and returning the Offer Letter to the institution.

Once the acceptance process is complete, the student is issued a COE (Confirmation of Enrolment) for Australia / Offer Acceptance Receipt for Canada / CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) for UK / i20 Document for USA.

Once the required documentation is ready, student is ready to apply for the Visa.

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Step 8:  Students Visa Application

UNIXPERTS counsellor will not only help the student with the required visa documentation and important visa formats but would also assist with the application forms and visa file preparation.

UniXperts Counsellors have enough knowledge on Visa Application submission with more than 98% visa success rate. Our Certified Counsellors have undergone visa trainings from very prominent bodies like, Australian Trade Commission and DHA (Department of Home Affairs) for Australia, UKVI (United Kingdom Visas and Immigration) for the UK, IRCC  (Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada) for Canada and Education USA & USEFI (United States Education Foundation in India) for USA.

Our Expert Counsellors have experience and proven track record in Visa Lodgement as an e-Visa Agent for Australian High Commission in Student Visa Applications of Australia Destination.

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Step 9:  Pre-Departure and Departure

Before a student finally prepare for his / her travel to their respective destination country, we at UNIXPERTS, as an endeavour to prepare our students going abroad on all important aspects of studying and living overseas. It is an information session with a vision to not only have a student prepared for the journey, but also facilitate networking with people going to the same country, city or institute.

With our immense experience of travelling to countries we represent, we always keep the student priorities on top. And prepare them in all aspects of Travel, Immigration, Orientations, First Few Weeks in New Country, Cultural Challenges, Important Visa Conditions etc;

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